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Peripatetic music tuition

Regent High School offers a number of peripatetic music tuition opportunities to students through Camden Music Service.  Lessons are provided at a low cost because all students who take instrumental lessons are expected to participate in an extra-curricular music club. 

This page provides some information about how instrumental lesson provision works. 

How will my child learn?

Teaching mainly takes place in small groups, which enables students to benefit from close attention from their instrumental teacher alongside the support and companionship of their peers.  The size of the group depends on the instrument and the ability of the student, with more advanced student learning in smaller groups.

When do lessons take place?

Lessons take place during the school day on a rotating timetable.  The time slot varies each week so that there is minimal disruption to students’ other lessons.  Students will receive 10 lessons per term (30 per year).

Students are issued with a timetable every five weeks so that they know when their instrument lesson will take place.  It is the student’s responsibility to attend their lessons at the times indicated. 

Charges and payment

Instrumental or vocal lessons (drum kit, guitar, piano, singing) cost £90 per year for 30 lessons.  Students on Free School Meals pay £45 per year.   

Lessons on violin, viola, cello, saxophone, clarinet, flute, trumpet and trombone are currently £15 per year for 30 lessons.  Students will be taught in large groups, and some of these lessons may take place after school.  The cost of these lessons may increase if students are split into smaller groups based on ability.

All students studying music in Years 10-13 will receive free tuition on one musical instrument/voice.  Any additional instrumental or voice lessons will be chargeable.

All students may need to purchase sheet music or pay for accessories such as strings, rosin and reeds for their instruments.  External exam entry (optional) fees will be paid in full by parents / carers.

What happens if my child misses an instrumental lesson?

If an instrumental lesson is missed due to teacher illness, the lesson will be made up at a later point in the term.  If, however, your child misses a lesson due to sickness or a school trip it will not be possible to make up this lesson. 

Students who miss two consecutive instrumental lessons OR two consecutive music clubs in a term without a reason (illness or school exam/trip) will be removed from lessons without a refund.

Will my child get an instrument?

It is possible to borrow some instruments from the school.  Students should speak to their instrumental teacher to find out if this is possible.  If there is an instrument available to borrow, students will be given a letter for their parents/carers to sign agreeing to cover any costs incurred by damage or loss of the instrument.  Where there are no instruments available to borrow we will direct you to the Camden Music Hub instrument loan scheme.

What if my child wants to stop lessons?

If your child wants to stop lessons they should speak to their music teacher.  Every child goes through a period of finding their instrument difficult and we would encourage them to think hard before deciding to stop lessons. If, however, we all agree it is a well-considered decision we will stop the lessons.

Please contact the Music team for further information, either by calling 020 7387 0126 or by emailing