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Advice from our current Year 7 students

Our current Year 7s, who were excitedly looking forward to starting in their new school last summer, have provided our new Year 7s with a whole host of advice.  Take a look at their tips for making a successful start at Regent High School.


‘The advice I would give is to be themselves and be with good friend.  Never be rude.’

Baraah, 7Y


‘I know moving to a new school with hundreds of people you don't know can be scary.  You think you might get lost or something, but don't worry, I've been there.  There is nothing to worry about.  It will only take you about a week to get used to the environment and all the new teachers you will have.  

‘When I first moved to Regent High School, I was so afraid that I would mess up.  But to be honest, probably the best way to get used to the school is by making new friends that understand your situation and are scared too.  Once you find people that you get along well with, all you have to do is get used to the school together.  Believe me, you will feel way more relaxed if you find people that you think will help you on your first day.  And don't worry about being separated from your friends from primary because you can still spend plenty of time with them at break and lunch.’

Rahmo, 7P


‘Try to make friends and don't stay with your primary school friends.  Talk to people in other tutor groups.’

Hanna, 7P


‘My advice would be to grow a good reputation with the people and teachers in the school.  It helps in the long run.  Also, you should respect others around you and then you should get the same respect back.  This should help you to settle in well.

‘It was helpful to know how many students are in the school [there are 1000], so that I didn't get overwhelmed when I arrived by the amount of students.  It would be useful for new students to know how to classify the different room numbers and codes [there is a map at the back of your handbook] before they arrive as I found that quite confusing.’

Jack, 7B


‘Some advice that I would offer would be to explore the school a bit and not be afraid to ask students and teachers for directions if you can’t remember where something is.’

Raulph, 7Y


‘Don’t worry, Year 7 is a good beginning to secondary school.  Be calm, be positive and do not give up on work. 

‘Good luck Year 6s who are going to be in Year 7!’

Zak, 7G


‘My advice for the new Year 7s: do not stress because it will be easy once you get there; be nice to others to make new friends; treat others the way you would like to be treated; ask for help if you need it; don’t be shy to ask if you need help.’

Tabassum, 7B


‘I think that Regent High School is the best school I have been in.  It has wonderful people and hard-working teachers, and you also learn a lot of fabulous stuff.  

‘If you want to feel relaxed at the start of the year you have to make sure you are ready and have all your equipment, and that you behave properly.  If you do all of this, you will feel welcomed in the school.  Have fun at your new school!’

Douaa, 7Y


‘My advice would be to be excited about starting a new year in secondary school, meeting new friends and teachers as well as being ready for new adventures and opportunities.’

Mieran, 7R


‘Be confident; everyone is feeling the same way you will be, so don’t feel scared or intimidated.  Make new friends as well as keeping your old friends.  If you get lost on your way to a lesson, just ask someone in another year for help! Make sure you make friends in other tutor groups as well as your own.’

Tasnia, 7R


‘My advice to give to the new Year 6s would be to stay focused throughout the whole school and don't rush anything.  You should make friends, follow the rules and get used to the new school as quickly as possible, for example by learning your timetable off-by-heart and knowing which side of the school your classes are and what floor which class is on.

‘For the first few days to the first week, focus mostly on your learning and memorising the layout of the school.  You should make a couple of friends so that you have at least one person to talk to and play with.  Then after that, you can focus on making many new friends.  From then on, you should balance the time you spend talking and playing with the time you have lessons and need to learn. That way, when it's break time or lunchtime, you can play and talk all you want but when it's lesson time in between, you should focus on your learning; what you talk about in the playground, stays in the playground.

‘During the time you have to get to lessons, you shouldn't hang about and waste time but try to get there as fast as possible and not waste any time talking.  You should also make the best impression of yourselves and show the teachers and other students everything good about you with their first impression.’ 

Joel, 7G