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Year 10 Examinations

Our Year 10s have examinations in March 2024, please click below to see their timetable. You can find more information in a letter from Deputy Headteacher, Mr McGeorge here

Year 10 Exam Timetable

year 10 examinations final timetable march 2024.pdf



Year 11 NEA Deadlines

Well done to all of our year 11s with their PPE examinations. We were incredibly impressed with the students' preparation for these. Please see below or click here for the NEA (coursework) deadlines that are coming up across the year. 


neas schedule y11 2023.pdf



Year 12 & 13 NEA Deadlines

Please see below or click here for our NEA (coursework) deadlines that are coming up across the year. 

6th form neas schedule 2023.pdf




Revision techniques

We developed this takeaway to support students and families with revision.  Why not download a copy or print it and put it on the family noticeboard at home?

Watch this Zoom recording to think about what effective revision looks like.

Advice for students and parents/carers on how to successfully and effectively prepare for exams appears below:

  -  Growth mindset

  -  Languages revision strategies

  -  Nutrition

  -  Sleep

Supporting students with revision

Here's a guide for parents/carers on helping students to revise for their end-of-year examinations.

Study Club at the British Library

Would you like a quiet space for personal study every Thursday evening? Collect a letter from your head of year or reception. 

british library study club 2023.pdf