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Remote learning

Wed 15 - Thurs 16 : Learning targets for students

Due to industrial action Regent High School will be closed to years 7-11 as outlined in our letter from the Head Teacher here. 

Please see below the learning targets for each year group and a list of links to support this learning. 

Learning Targets


Links to resources: 

Our remote learning offer

We are using Google Classroom as the platform for all of our remote learning.  Students access Google Classroom using their in-school login details.

We have provided an overview of our remote learning offer in this letter.

Our remote learning offer was shared in more detail at the Parent. Carer and Staff Forum meeting on 19 January 2021.  Take a look at the presentation (slides 13-25) for more information.

Finally, we have developed robust contingency plans for remote education to ensure that students receive high quality teaching regardless of whether they or their teacher are self-isolating; you can also see our whole-school curriculum map to see how the curriculum in Years 7-11 has been amended to reflect the situation caused by school closures.  We also have an accompanying Remote Education Behaviour and Child Protection Policy.

You can visit our Stars of the Week page to see what terrific learning has been taking place across the school.

If you are having difficulty accessing our remote learning offer because of not having access to a computer and/or the Internet, please let your Head of Year know.  We are continuing to work with our partners to provide devices to help every student engage in fantastic remote learning.

Sources of support

Remember that there is lots of information on our website to support students and parents/carers at this difficult time.

If you need something to do during an evening or at the weekend, don't forget to take a look at our 'Extending learning' page and the virtual school library for inspiration.

Need help with IT?

Don't let troubles with technology get in the way of your excellent learning.  Here are some sources of help and information.  Use these resources before asking for help; you'll probably sort out the problem faster doing it that way.

If you think there's something that we could add to this section to help other students, please email with your suggestion. 

Need to know how to access your school accounts?

Visit this page of our website for help on how to access Google Classroom, your school email account and other learning platforms.

Are you having difficulties with your school login or password?

Contact your Head of Year or Reception so that they can raise this with the IT team for you.

Need support with using Google Classroom, Google Meet or other Google products?

Visit the 'Get help with Google for Education' website to see if you can sort out the problem.

Can't access your Google account after a brother or sister has used the device?

Google remembers the sign-on details of the person who last used a device.

Check that you are in the right account (you can tell by looking at the circle in the top-right of your browser; if you hover over it, it will show the name of the person who is logged on.

If it's not you, click on that circle and change to your account.  Remember to tell your brother or sister that you've done that, otherwise they'll be confused!

Is your iPad asking for a security password and not letting you log in to Google Classroom/Google Meet? 

All you need to do is to make sure you have set a fingerprint lock or a pass code lock on your iPad.  Once you have a set a pass code or fingerprint, you should be able enter live lessons and Google Classroom.

Have you received a device from school or Camden Council?

Need to get going?  Use this help sheet first or visit Camden Learning's home learning page.

Received a Google Chromebook?  Use this guidance on the Google website to get going.

Using a Microsoft device?  This is the help sheet you need to get going.  You can also go to the Microsoft page on the 'Get help with technology' site to find more help.

Got a Huawei router and need help to get started.  Here you go.

Want to stay safe?  Use this guide to stay safe while working online.  Also visit the UK Safer Internet Centre for more help.

Still having difficulties?

Camden's Adult and Community Learning team can provide technical IT support, whether for a device from school or one that you already own.  Call them on 020 7974 1828.

Need more help?

If you still have questions about our remote learning offer or the technology you are using to access learning at home, please do the following:

  • contact your Head of Year in the first instance;
  • write to if you don't know how to reach your Head of Year.  Remember to be clear about which year group you are in and what support you are requesting.