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Regent High School


Future First builds alumni networks in schools to advise, inform and inspire young people about careers. We have been working with Future First since September 2011 with the aim of finding former students who have gone on to do a whole range of things since they left and want to share their experiences of jobs and university with current students at the school.

We are delighted to announce that we have found former students enjoying success in all walks of life, including becoming 2011’s Mercedes Apprentice of the Year, a United Nations Project Manager who’s worked in Kenya and Jordan, an up and coming entrepreneur and even a mechanic with the British Armed Forces. Former students like these have been returning to our school to speak to current students about what they’re doing now; inspiring a new generation of students about their futures and giving them real advice about how they could achieve the same success.

Former students have also been interviewed for a website that Future First has built especially for our students. Any one of our students can register, login, read profiles of the former students’ experience of jobs and university and send any questions they have about a former students’ job or course.

If you’re a former student who’s really enjoying your university study or career, we’d love to have you involved. Future First recognises and celebrates the diverse talents and successes of our school’s alumni community and believe they can be great role models who have the ability to guide and educate our current students. To hear more about how you can be part of the project, please contact Laura from Future First at

To read more about Future First’s work, please click here or to read about our work in North London Schools in the Independent, please click here.