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Homework is an essential part of learning and develops students’ lifelong learning skills by:

  • promoting skills for independent learning;
  • promoting skills for organisation and the management of time.

Agreeing to complete homework on time is part of the learning contract the student signs on entry to the school, with parents/carers signing to say they will support their child in this.

Homework will be set using Show my Homework. You can click on the logo on the right,  

and from the link on the homepage, to log in and see each homework your child has been set. Each homework is explained clearly, with a date given for its completion, an estimated length of time that the homework should take to complete, and all materials (resources or web links) necessary for successful completion are uploaded.

There is a homework timetable for each year group that shows the days each subject will set their homework.

Key Stage 5:

Each student should be doing at least four to five hours of independent learning per subject.

Key Stage 4

Each student should be doing at least one hour of independent learning per subject per week, on average.

Key Stage 3

English, Maths, Science and Languages set homework on a weekly basis. All other subjects have chosen between setting individual homework once a fortnight or Independent Learning Challenges (ILCs) over a minimum of a three week period up to half a term.  Where ILCs are set there are regular deadlines built in to encourage students to meet the final deadline.

Types of homework that your child may be set include:

  • reviewing and evaluating learning and progress;
  • pre-learning to be done before a lesson;
  • reading fiction or non-fiction;
  • researching a topic, including wider reading;
  • memorising, e.g. spellings, essential facts, and key vocabulary;
  • creating  success criteria or mark schemes for specific questions;
  • self- and peer assessment;
  • planning, drafting and re-drafting written tasks or planning and creating practical tasks;
  • making notes and summarising;
  • extended projects.

Support for completing homework

  • The school library is open each day from 8.00am to 8.40am, at lunch time and from 3.10pm until 4.00pm for student use.
  • A homework study session takes place in the CLC each day from 3.30pm-5.40pm with a member of school staff available to guide and support students.  The CLC is also open from 8.00am daily.
  • Homework clubs may be organised by individual Learning Communities, which will be clearly communicated to students.