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Regent High School

Parent, Carer and STAFF FORUM (PCSF)


The Parent, Carer and Staff Forum (PCSF) meets each half term to discuss a range of issues of importance and interest to parents, carers and staff.  Meetings take place on the third Tuesday of each half term, and run from 4.30-5.30pm.

The rationale for the Parent, Carer and Staff Forum is outlined in this overview paper.

The meetings for 2020-2021 are currently scheduled to take place on the following dates, subject to the ongoing health situation:

  -  Tuesday 22 September 2020 (KS3 parents/carers; online)

  -  Wednesday 23 September 2020 (KS4 parents/carers; online)

  -  Thursday 24 September 2020 (KS5 parents/carers; online)

  -  Tuesday 19 January 2021

  -  Tuesday 9 March 2021

  -  Tuesday 4 May 2021

  -  Tuesday 22 June 2021

All parents/carers are invited to attend meetings of the Forum.  Discussion items are decided in consultation with members.

You can review the presentations that accompanied our recent discussions about supporting students to develop strong literacy skills, and the Key Stage 4 curriculum.

What did we cover in meetings?

In response to parent/carer feedback, the notes of some previous meetings are available below with, where relevant, the accompanying PowerPoint presentation:


2020-2021 academic year

Our meeting on 9 March 2021 explored literacy across the curriculum, our arrangements for students returning to school, and provided an opportunity for us to consult on our Relationships and Sex Education Policy.  Read the presentation from the meeting to find out more.

We launched our Parent, Carer and Staff Forum at the 19 January 2021 meeting, alongside hearing more about remote learning and maths in other subjects.  Take a look at the presentation from this meeting.

In September 2020 we trialled a new approach: online Parent/Carer Information Evenings.  The presentations from each of these events are below.

  -  Tuesday 22 September 2020: KS3 accompanying presentation

  -  Wednesday 23 September 2020: KS4 accompanying presentation

  -  Thursday 24 September 2020: KS5 accompanying presentation


2017-2018 academic year

  -  Wednesday 7 March 2018 and the accompanying presentation

  -  Wednesday 17 January 2018 and the accompanying presentation

  -  Wednesday 15 November 2017 and the accompanying presentation

  -  Wednesday 20 September 2017 and the accompanying presentation


2016-2017 academic year

  -  Wednesday 21 June 2017

  -  Wednesday 10 May 2017