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Regent High School

Meet the Year 7 team

Our Year 7 team want to welcome you to your new school.  They've recorded some very special videos so that you get to know a little bit about them.  Listen our for their advice for September to help with getting ready for your new school.  And you don't have to just watch the video for your tutor group; watch them all and listen to the tips that the different members of staff give you.

Mr Moore, Headteacher

Mr Ojo, Acting Head of Year 7

Mrs Bracher, 7B Tutor

Ms Young and Ms Blainvillain, 7G Tutors

Ms Levin, 7O Tutor

Ms Doughty and Ms Ormerod, 7P Tutors

Ms McDonald, 7R Tutor

Mr Osborn, 7Y Tutor

Mr Damolekun, Additional Tutor


You'll also meet Ms Gil and Ms Douieb in September.